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Thread: Who over Willie???

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    Alexander is getting hurt these days. His career is winding down. He had only a couple of good years and I do not think he has a shot at the HOF. Seattle wanted to run him out of town for years. He is an overachiever.

    Adrian Peterson? Has he even taken a snapp in the NFL? I migh have take Barber in his prime. He is better than Alexander.

    I guess the good thing about having LJ on our team is that he would not have to play agianst our defense and might have 100 more yards but he did not run for crap against us last year. His only contrbution to the Cheifs in the game against us was a tackle that saved a TD. But LJ is better than Alexander.

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    Let's not forget Willie wasn't a featured back in college. He went to a bad football school (UNC) and wasn't even the starter. He's growing more than anyone else.
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    i would take LT over FWP any day
    the only RB in this league i wouldnt choose LT over is LT himself

    the second and only other tailback i would take over Fast Willie is Reggie Bush
    he has had one year to acclimate himself to the NFL and will have an even better year this year
    he has a better skillset than Parker and he is a lot more used to catching the ball out of the backfield than Willie is

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