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    Orien Harris

    The biggest disappointment of the bunch to me was Orien Harris. He's got perfect size for the job, and I had high hopes for him. We could use quality depth on the front seven, and Harris had the build to play both tackle and end. Frankly, I think the only reason they'd have kept Gradkowski on the final
    roster would be to keep anyone else from plucking him off the waiver wire before he could be put on the practice squad. I really think they wanted the roster spot used elsewhere, rather than on a third QB. Most appalling to me is that, on a eam with a very thin linebacking corps, they cut
    both Frazier and Seigler.

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    Players can be signed away from the practice squad at any time during the year so I would hope that's not the reason, but stranger things have happened. This years cuts have been somewhat odd, more so than in past years. We dug ourselves at hole RB depth so I guess keeping staley was the only logical thing to do, well that and hold your breath he doesnt trip coming out of the lockerroom tomorrow !

    We took a chance with 2 QB's before and it paid off, I just hope it doesnt come back to bite us in the arse !

    Orien Harris had a good camp but he was up against some stiff competition..Travis and Rodney are no slouches so it had to be a tough decision. Since we only carry 6 on the DL, they've gotta be ready to produce in a heartbeat because they all play every week. I guess they figured they couldnt chance trying to bring along a rookie at this point right now.

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