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Thread: Renewed Sense of Purpose?

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    Renewed Sense of Purpose?

    I just have a feeling of malaise creeping in with this team. The highlight of the offseason was the draft and it looks like Holmes and Reid are the only bright spots. (Yeah I admit it Reid has looked very good recently) I didnt expect too much but I thought there would be a renewed sense of purpose after the Super Bowl. It seems like there is little sense of purpose. I hate the fact that they seem totally happy with the running backs they have. I think Staley is an out of shape has been. As much as I liked the initial pick up of Staley, it is time fo rhim to move on. I think Willie Parker is a talent but not an every down guy. The idea of using him in Bettis' role as short yardage specialist is ludicrous and the rest are marginal players with the excpetion of the usefull Verron Haynes. I would have been happy with some attempt to sign a guy who can move the sticks on 3rd and 3 or 4! TJ Duckett even. I guess we are going to ask Ben to throw it much more frequently than in past years. Maybe not a bad idea, but I love the running game so much and it
    pains me to think that they will be getting into winged warfare with the Cincy's of the world. NOT our forte.

    We could have 3 or 4 injuries, then what? The depth is very questionable. It really showed up in the Carolina game. The Panthers seem to be able to run out good player after good player on the defensive side of the ball.

    These cuts make me even more cautious about this year. I Know the preseason is a joke but I didn't see much fire in the starters out there. Look at Carson Palmer! He was fireballing against the Colts. They`d better hitch up their pants because its going to be one team after another gunning for them. I am not saying they can't do it.. I just see complancency where there should be resolve. Admittedly, its more of an impression, but I dont think I am alone.

    No matter what happens, Win, Lose or Tie....I am a Steeler fan til I die
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