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Thread: Steelers putting in the time on special teams.....

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    I always thought Cowher was still the special teams guy... Spencer and everyone else were just puppets. That would explain why he kept so many specialists.

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    I was a bit disappointed to read what Clint said, but HOPEfully (even though it's obviously boring to him) that he and the rest of the guys on ST comes away with a bit better understanding of thier role in what was so aptly referred to as 1/3 of the game. If we can get good in ALL three aspects--we could be unstoppable!

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    Not to worry, Kreidwalt will soon be on the outside looking in. Anything or anyone that remotely smells like a "Cowher era pet project" will be gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City South View Post
    Not to worry, Kreidwalt will soon be on the outside looking in. Anything or anyone that remotely smells like a "Cowher era pet project" will be gone.
    Lets hope so, Tomlin is bringing his attitude and his way of doing things. The last thing he needs is someone who isn't or doesn't want to get with his program.

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    I don't think we can afford to keep more than 2 ST specialists. We've got Chidi who is just a ST demon and we're automatically a better unit with him on the field. I think Clint is a ST demon as well but he'll need to adapt and keep his focus right or you're right he'll be on the outside looking in.

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    You would think that since Cowher's NFL career was on special teams and then his early coaching career was as a sp. teams coach and that we lost alot of key games due to poor sp. teams play, he would of worked on it alot more during training camp and practices.
    As for Clint K., with an attitude like his, in my opinion, he is not what we need on this team. We need players that welcome the opportunity to improve themselves in an area that has been a thorn in our backside in over a decade.

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    Bill Cowher is living proof that if you stick with Marty ball long enough you CAN win a super bowl. He is a Marty protege' all the way and with any other team would have been fired long before he reached the 15 year mark. I applaud the Rooney's for being so patient with a guy who wasn't a great coach. I may be attacked for saying it, but I think with a coach like a Bill Belichick we would have 6 or 7 Lombardi's in the display case by now. We had some great teams over the last 15 years who fell short far too many times. 2-3 in conference championships and 1-1 in SB's is very Marty'esque.

    I am excited that we appear to actually have a head coach now who is "plugged in" to this team and is actively involved in every aspect of the team. I don't see Tomlin as a guy who is just a figure head or would ever allow himself to settle into that mold.

    I am happy to hear that none of the veterans feel comfortable or secure about their jobs......that's great! They shouldn't feel comfortable or that means that the back-up for their position sucks and is not putting enough competitive pressure on them. For maybe the first time ever some of those UFA's actually have a chance to make the squad because this coach is looking to field the "best" 53 players he can.

    Yes, Steeler football has definitely turned a corner and is heading into an exciting direction IMO. I am stoked about the possibilities!

    Mark my words......when Bill returns to coaching and gets hired by a 1-15 club you will see him last 2, 3 years tops and he will get canned from his next job. HE will never again work for owners as supportive as the ones he left. I have heard talk that maybe Jerry Jones has some interest in Bill. He definitely wouldn't last long in Dallas! 1 or 2 losses chalked up to incompetent coaching decisions would have Jerry showing Bill the door real quick!

    BTW....I don't hate BC. He was a great motivator, but just an average strategist.
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