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    The Fins have modified their offer of a sixth-round pick for QB Trent Green to include the possibility of the pick increasing to a fifth-rounder. (Our guess is that the final deal will be a six with two levels of conditional upgrades, pushing the final value as high as a fourth-rounder.)

    Here's a closer look at NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw.

    Dog fighters are in part insulated from conviction because the other people who attend dog fights are generally regarded as unreliable witnesses.

    Maybe Mike Vick will ask for a trade to the Ravens.

    TE L.J. Smith's hernia was detected a week ago.

    Lets OL Pete Kendall wants a raise, and is staying away from voluntary workouts in protest of his pay.

    NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw will eventually meet with Mike Vick regarding the dog-fighting allegations.

    The media finally got a look at Pats QB Tom Brady throwing to WR Randy Moss.

    Thursday was the team's first OTA workout since the passing of DE Marquise Hill.

    Speaking of Hill, there's a very tasteless photo on a popular satire site that already has Pats fans up in arms.

    So with the NFL banning beer, it'll part ways with its official beer sponsor, right? Right? Bueller?

    There won't be any cuts on June 1 (primarily because the rule that splits cap hits over two years doesn't kick in until June 2).

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    Nice info ,,,,,,,,

    I've heard all this already on sirius radio though

    I do wish KC would trade green already
    IMO they are doing him dirty

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