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Thread: Polamalu to receive YMCA top honor

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    Polamalu to receive YMCA top honor

    By Scott Brown
    Monday, May 28, 2007

    Forgive Troy Polamalu if he is a little fidgety Thursday night, if the hard-hitting, soft-spoken safety is anything but comfortable at the Downtown YMCA's 33rd Annual Scholar Athlete Banquet that will celebrate many things, including (gasp!) him.

    Polamalu is generally loathe to talk about himself when it comes to anything and that especially includes the work he does off the field -- whether it's making the day of a sick child or starting a foundation to help a group that Polamalu said is too often cast aside by society.

    "I don't really feel comfortable taking credit for anything," Polamalu said of his commitment to charity. "To me it's something we're supposed to do."

    That sense of duty and what has resulted from it since Polamalu became a Steeler is a major reason why he will be awarded the Downtown YMCA's Person of the Year Award Thursday at the Pittsburgh Hilton.

    Past winners of the award, which will be given at the banquet that honors area high school student-athletes, include Dan Rooney, Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, Andy Russell, Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis.

    "(Polamalu) really has shown himself to be on of the leaders in Pittsburgh on and off the field," said Ken Horoho, a longtime YMCA board member who chairs the banquet.

    If Polamalu is one of the most giving Steelers, he also has his own unique style of doing so, and that's with as little publicity as possible.

    Best put, one of the most recognizable Steelers is one of the most stealth Steelers when it comes to doing good deeds.

    "Troy is always willing to make a difference in a child's life, though he doesn't seek the spotlight for his actions," Steelers community relations manager Michele Rosenthal said. "He enjoys spending time with a Make-a-Wish child or dropping in for a surprise visit to Children's Hospital and making those he visits feel like they are the most important person in the world."

    Indeed, Polamalu does not show up at hospitals just to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

    He forges a personal connection with the sick children he visits on a regular basis, which makes their experiences that much more special.

    "I could sit there and see 50 kids and literally scribble on a piece of paper and have them be satisfied," Polamalu said. "It would be way more authentic for me to say 'Hey Michael, hey Luke, hey John, how are you guys doing' and really get to know everybody."
    Congrats to Troy on a well deserved honor !

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    Congrats to Troy!!!

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    Have I mentioned that I really like this guy?! Congrats Troy!

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    Just another reason to love one of the best safety's in the league! I wish all pro athletes would be this kind of roll model! Well deserved Troy!

    Sig by BR7

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    Congrats !! More pro athletes should follow his example!!

    BITE ME ICS!...Woodsonsgirl

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    Congrats to Troy!
    It's true that he stays VERY low key and out of the media spotlight.
    How can you not like this guy?
    Come on Rooney's, get him signed to a long contract.

    Thanks House of Steel for the sig and avatar

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    Congrats to the best SS in the league

    Would be nice if things like this were more in the news,,,,,,
    instead of pac-man & vick the dick

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    Congrats Troy, well deserved!!!

    If you don’t stand behind our troops.....Please feel free to stand in front of them!!!

    "Give me a 6 pack, half hour of rest and lets go play them again....We can beat them."
    --Jack Lambert

    "They say that when you're the champs, everybody will try to beat you. Well, I'm glad we're the champs, so bring 'em on, bring 'em all on. If we die, we ain't gonna die running. It's gonna be a fight."
    --Joe Greene

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    Congrats to Troy...that is awesome....

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    woot go troy!
    black and gold born, black and gold bred
    when i die, i will be black and gold dead

    thanks HOS for the sig!

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