Ok Teemont, just sent me a gift to remind how great Peyton Manning is. Like he has done in the past...The guy is a great QB and I never said he wasn't...I still think he hasn't answered all his play-off question marks in my mind. Yes he did finally win the Super Bowl. Plus he brought the Colts back in the AFC title game and that was impressive. In fact thats the best Peyton ever looked in a play-off game. But his overall numbers in these past play-offs (including Super Bowl) was 3 TD's and 7 INTs. Thats terrible

Which leads me to my question....Why do some Steelers fans like Peyton? There is nothing Steelers Football about Peyton Manning. He plays in Dome which sucks. Football is supposed to be played in the elements. He doesn't come from a blue collar back ground. The dude is supposed to be great since his daddy was an NFL QB. In fact he was born to play QB and he really should have more NFL titles since he was better prepared to play QB in the NFL. He throws his team mates under the bus in the media. Like calling out his Oline for having protection issues against the Steelers in the play-offs. Never mind his choking in many of his play-off performances.Plus the guy is very stat minded. Thats why he doesn't take many chances and his INT totals are low. I rather have a QB like Bradshaw or Favre take chances since they have all the confidence in the world they can make any throw and only care about winning instead of caring about their stats.

So answer this question Teemont and all you other Peyton lovers in the Steelers Nation...

Yes he is a great QB and I know he is a very good person...Since he has never been arrested and thats a positive with all the arrests in the NFL. But I can't stand him and never have dating back to his days in college.