Any respect I had for Marvin Lewis is now gone. I am tired of people making statements and then denying their intent the next day.
Here is his initial statement :

"I think there's profiling, no question. We're [Cincinnati] a small place, our guys stand out, and they know that and you've got to do things the right way, but when you are arrested for, or you are pulled over for not putting on your turn signal, there's something wrong there. Many people make right turns without putting on their turn signals and that's unfortunate that we've had a guy that's pulled over for not putting on his turn signal."

Then he said:

"Yesterday, I gave a radio interview and made some comments that did not illustrate the high regard I have for the Cincinnati Police Department. I apologize that what I said did not reflect my true feelings,"

"At no point did I say or mean to imply that these issues had anything to do with race," Lewis said. "When I spoke of our players being perhaps more subject to scrutiny than others, I was referring to their standing as public figures"

Is it me or can you not use a phrase like "I think there's profiling, no question" and then say "I apologize that what I said did not reflect my true feelings,"

The point of whether or not he was insinuating racial profiling is irrelevant. Any accusation of profiling is negative. The basis for said profiling does not matter. Henry received traffic tickets on March 25 for driving with a suspended license, failing to use his turn signal and a seat belt violation. He was allowed to go into a license intervention program to settle the charges. Do officers in Ohio routinely issue turn signal tickets, I assume not. I also am pretty sure the ticket was only issued because of the larger problem than Henry was driving with a suspended license. All of us have heard about people who have been stopped for broken tail lights, broken headlights, failure to signal a turn , air fresheners obstructing their view and any number of technically illegal activities. But are tickets usually issued for these violations? I would say RARELY. They are simply "probable cause" for making the stop. The officer's goal is usually to give someone a heads up on a mechanical problem or alert them to their unsafe driving. Did the officer actually recognize Henry's car out of the thousands he sees weekly? If so, does that change the fact that he did not signal a turn, did not wear his seatbelt and was driving with a suspended license...NO.

Profiling does exist. I will not deny that. It does not change the fact that the driver still violated some statute that needed to be addressed. I am sure that the Cincy police have better things to do than drive around all day looking for Bungles to pull over. IMO people who complain about racial profiling are doing so to protect the innocent, not the guilty.