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Thread: Most Memorable Steeler Moment

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    da Burgh
    Most Memorable Moment... I'm going old school when Jack Lambert grabbed that Dallas player, Harris I believe, and tossed him to the ground after Gerala's missed FG... That's what I call a defining moment in STEELER'S history!!

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    The Tackle
    The Immaculate Reception
    Jerome raising the Lombardi Trophy
    Jerome running out by himself during the introductions for XL
    Basically the entire run to the superbowl XL from the point in time when we were 7-5 and damn near out of it.

    Still gives me chills to see that vid Chris !!

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    All five superbowls!

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    For sure near heart attack drama, it is The Tackle.

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    Jerome bettis fumble then the big ben tackle
    Wasn't favorite but was a really tense game 4 me

    Parkers 75 yard run in superbowl Leaped off the couch and done a few laps around the living room

    I knew then that we would win the superbowl

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