Before you bash me for something totally stupid in your opinion, I want you to have an open mind before you decide to really bash me good for this. A lot of folks on other boards have agreed with me about my idea of a League Wide Conduct Provision designed specifically for players that get the bright idea in engaging in criminal activities.

I would love to tell Roger Goddell this, HEY, brother, you really need to slam your foot down on that organization. Suspend and heavily fine the entire organization and the owner for not controlling their players to league conduct provisions. You will be forced to forfeit the entire 2007 season, and you will be suspended from all business operations for the entire 2007 season. Failure to comply will result in a total takeover by the National Football League and losses of all revenues and job titles. Well see how fast they clean their acts up. I am dead serious, they really need to be extremely strict now. Every organization in the National Football League needs to have this policy in a effect. Well see how fast these players want to screw around.

Players Suspensions for Offensive of Criminal Conduct:

First : One season suspension and lost of all bounses in their contract, the organization will be fined $ 1 million dollar in violation of the League Conduct Provisions.

Second: Three Seasons Suspension and lost of all bounses. All advertising contract will be voided and suspended by the NFL and the corporate sponsors. The Organization will be fined $10 million dollars in violation of the League Conduct Provisions.

Third: Lifetime Ban from the National Football League with no appeal. All sponsor endorsements will be forfeited for lifetime ban. The Organization will suffer a season forfeit of all games, operations will be seized immediately and will be conducted by the National Football League committee on League Conduct violations. Operations will resume in the next season after the Pro Bowl of that season. The Organization will suffer a $25 million dollar fine and lost of their first round draft pick in that NFL Draft.

You can't sit there and tell me this isn't strict. This would seriously wake up a lot of people. I am not doing this to get a joke or get provoked by anyone, this is indeed my seriousness going to work here. I am sick and tired of seeing professional sports organization getting tarnished and rundown by a bunch of thugs wannabes and criminals. I am telling you, if I was ever commissioner of a major professional sports league, this is the very first thing I would lay down on the job. Take it or leave it. This is the answer to the whole scenario in my opinion.