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Thread: My idea of a New NFL League Conduct Provision.

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    I agree that this wouldn't happen, but i would love to see it happen. Why can't anyone punish an entire team for what a few players do. The owners and rest of the organization are the ones that drafted or signed these players so they should be help accountable. It isn't like (in most cases) the players don't have problems in their past. So the organization already knows what they are getting themselves into before they get the players on their team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
    i don't get it, why do football players get in trouble with the law so much??? it doesn't happen that often in basketball..........
    You clearly don't live in the viewing area of the Indiana Pacers.
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    The players union would never sign it; there's no way they'll allow themselves to be potentially fined or suspended for something they didn't do. The players as a whole are all for tougher penalities, suspensions, and fines for those that break the rules. Goodell is starting out on the right foot here by laying down the law from the get go; as time goes on I don't think he'll be letting up. He's sending a message to the league that we won't tolerate this behavior and that's how it should be.

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