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    Redskins running back Clinton Portis has tendinitis in his knee. The diagnosis was made by Dr. James Andrews on Thursday.

    "It cropped up at the end of last week," coach Joe Gibbs said, according to the Washington Times. "He had some soreness in the knee, but he described that he could run and work out on it and it would be fine the next day. This week it bothered him after the workout day so we decided to have it looked at."

    Portis has been running only, due to shoulder surgery and hand surgery resulting from injuries suffered in 2006. There is no timetable for the resumption of his workouts.

    "The main thing is to get it taken care of now," Gibbs said. "What we don't want are things to be [a problem] when we get to camp. . . . Hopefully, it will be something that goes away."

    The rash of health conditions experienced by Portis has some wondering whether he is frag-ee-lay. Gibbs thinks otherwise.

    "He's actually a really young guy and hasn't had many injuries, just a shoulder in high school and a shoulder [and hand] last year," Gibbs said. "His legs have always been in good shape. I don't anticipate a problem there, and I don't think he has any injuries that we're worried about."

    Except for the tendinitis, of course, which can take some time to clear up.

    If Portis is limited in any way once the season rolls around, backup Ladell Betts will be called upon to carry the load. Betts decided in 2006 to re-sign what many consider to be a below-market deal to serve as the No. 2 guy in D.C., even though he probably could have cashed in on the open market to be a starter somewhere else.

    Apparently, Betts isn't interested in being the No. 1 guy. At the rate Portis currently is going, however, Betts might get the position by default.

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    I think Portis' days as a dominant rusher is over, this is the clearest sign possible. His stock on fantasy football is taking a very big direct hit. I had this fool last season and I suffered the consequences. Never again.

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