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Thread: Spread em' out...

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    Just got to get the team to execute!! The players just have to make the plays and the rest will take care of itself. I look for the O-line to rebound and play better then last year. Thanks for sharing the article...

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    I am excited but I don't want to be too excited. This sounds like a good idea if not great, but it is still early. Not to sound like an A-Hole offcourse I am all for it. I just hope they don't try too much if you know what I'm saying. I don't know if Ben is fully ready to handle the spread. He looked VERY shaky to very bad, he never quite settled in. Now, certain complications arose and didn't help, but I I'm one of those people that need to see something to believe it. I want Ben to succeed very badly. I would love nothing more than to see him throw something like 25 TDs and 9 ints and make guys like Stevie Wonder look stupid. I just have to see him do it before I can say: "He's recovered."

    BTW, this spread could be the best thing for Willie. He along with what ever veteran back-up could terrorize defenses.

    Bring on '07!

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    The main key this team needs to work on for offense is simply this..


    We left so many points on the field because of turnovers that we'd have won atleast 4 more games last year alone had we not had multiple turnovers in the games.

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    i agree TG....We have to get the Turnovers under control and that alone will improve our offense drastically. I can not wait for the season, why does there have to be such a long off season, between the draft and the preseason even.

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    How many years have we been run run pass run run pass.

    I dont know how other than the fact we have good players we ever gained a yard. I am dumb as a sack of cement and I could plan a D to stop that.

    I think we need to mix it up I am not saying get away from the run but maybe pass on 1st or 2nd down more or run the ball from the spread some

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