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Thread: Feneca no show at practice

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    I have said for some time now (to family members, and probably even on here) that Art is NOT the same "feel" as Dan when it comes to football stuff. Nothin we could hear would surprise me when he's got pretty much full control--we're already noticin the changes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by House of Steel View Post
    You know what, I am very intruded to know what the hell the Rooneys said to him to get him so pissed off. I am getting a little livid at the Rooneys here. Let's clear something up here, it is Art Rooney II and not Dan Rooney. Don't forget, Art got more power now than Dan. He is a snake the way I am seeing it now. If this is the way it is going to be in the future, we are in deep ****.

    they never said it was the rooney's that said something, they said someone on mangement or some ****....... so you are mad cause the rooney's refuse to play games with a whining little bitch?? what horrible owners, i guess we should sale the team to jerry jones so we can overpay aging players, would that make you happy??

    Quote Originally Posted by House of Steel View Post
    I hope your right, cause, I hate to say this, when Dan goes, you watch what the hell will happen to the Steelers. I will be damned if I let Art ruined 75 years of a rich tradition of Blue Collar working franchise built from the bottom up. HAIL TO THE CHIEF!!!

    you'll be damned if you let art ruin 75 years??? what can you do??? you gonna go to pitt and threaten to beat him up??? i think he'd kick you butt ....... also art hasn't done nothing wrong, he's standing his grounds, he's refusing to play games, he's keeping it in private, while this fat *** wannabe t.o./plax is going to the media about private matters........ i hope art keeps up what he's doing, he got rid of a shitass coach, and hired the best guy for the job, and now he's refusing to overpay.........
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