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Thread: Wilkpedia summary on Kevan Barlow

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    Guys can you fill in the blanks for me.
    Admittedly i have not seen every Steeler game last year, but i saw a few and ones where Davenport got quite a few carries. In the games i saw, he really impressed me and thought great, Parker, Davenport, Kuhn, is a nice little 1,2 3 combo for next year.

    Not only did Davenport impress me with his hard running, but you all remember the protection problems we had on third down when Parker was in there. When Davenport got the call for the 3rd down back later in the season, hey presto the protection was much better. Plus he has great hands out the backfield. ( See if you can see his touchdown receptions from last year )

    My point is i thought Davenport did a fantastic job of what was asked of him last year so understood why the Steelers didn't draft a RB this and didn't search for a FA running back, until now.....

    So my question is what did i miss about Davenports play for the Steelers to go sign Barlow? What does Barlow bring to the table that Davenport doesn't?

    If i had to choose between the two for a roster spot i'd vote for Najeh!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by okiesteeler View Post
    I can find nothing confirming that Barlow has signed with the Steelers, where are you guys getting your information?
    Since no one has clarified this yet:

    If you hadn't seen it yet, there you go and if you have, I just wanted to make sure you got it because no one appeared to answer your question.
    Hotlink it and spread the love!

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