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Thread: Steelers to sign Barlow tommorrow.

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    I don't really know how to weigh in on this any different than all the rest of the posts I've read...I just know that of this moment, I've read that his stats have been going down consistently since his peak in '03, so that certainly doesn't sound good.

    I'm sure he'll be an "ok" depth player, but I truly don't expect him to come in like a house-a-fire...sounds like he's kinda worn out--unless the black and gold uniform TRULY works miracles lol

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    We needed depth and this adds it , I just think we could have went other places for it .

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    Hopefully these young guys we have will step up and make it a fight for the other backup spots on the roster.

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    have they actually signed him yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEEMONT View Post
    have they actually signed him yet?
    On the Fever there is a thread stating Barlow was signed. But I don't know for sure. I'm sure Stan Savarn on Sports Beat will have something if Barlow did indeed sign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 25MVPKing View Post
    Since no one has clarified this yet:

    If you hadn't seen it yet, there you go and if you have, I just wanted to make sure you got it because no one appeared to answer your question.
    I posted this earlier this morning in the other Barlow thread. ...hope that helps.
    Hotlink it and spread the love!

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