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Thread: Warren Sapp,,,,,,,,

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    Warren Sapp,,,,,,,,

    Heard on sirius Sapp is a bisquit short of losing 50 lbs

    To bad they don't have an offense to go with that aggresive "D"

    It's a battle for the cellar Chiefs vs Da ray-turds

    Winner get's a top 5 draaft pick

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    I'd take Sapp in a hearbeat....

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    Warren Sapp... another example of a Super Bowl caliber player who could have won multiple rings with the right team but chose a paycheck over success. If he had to do it all over, would he play for the Steelers, Colts, or Patriots for less money?
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    I would not want Sapp anymore, he is getting too old and his play has tanked lately, maybe at his new weight he will be better, but i do not think that he would make a good pick up at this point in time

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    At best Sapp could be a good situational player to rush the QB but his prime has come and gone. I always thought he was overrated in general but he nonetheless he was a quality DL for the Bucs for a lot of years.

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    Losing that weight is only going to help Sapp, hell he had 10 sacks last year. Don't count out the old guys just yet, hes still got some juice left in the tank.

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    after thinking about it, I think he could be a good fit for us. he would still contribute on the field and give us some swagger, kinda like what joey did.

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