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    I have pimped this site on all the other sports blogs and now I am going to pimp on this site. First of all it is a paysite and I believe I ended up with a subscription to Sports Illustrated in the process (which was okay because it included the swimsuit edition which I could have never justified buying a copy off the newstands to my wife). I was routinely posting articles from the site into SA until being warned of legal ramifications if I continued to do this. If you can afford it I am telling you it is worth the price of admission. The articles are excellent and you become a member to not only the Steeler Site but to all the other teams sites too. They are all linked together through I can look at the insider news from any team and any sport anytime I want to. It is like belonging to an insider network. This is not a site to replace your favorite sports blog (SA). This is a site for sports news junkies. They have a feature called the "Hotlist" where you can add players who you are interested in tracking. Once you add a player to your "hotlist" you receive an email every time that players name is even mentioned in any sports articles anywhere. Very cool feature! I am telling all you sports junkies out there that if you can afford it, you should give a tryout. I will probably keep my subscription to this site until I take the long dirt nap. I will continue to share some bits and pieces but there is so much more there that I know most of you would love to have full access to. The Annual Pass costs $79.95
    I will post the link here and you can read the offer for yourself. I think its worth every penny! Try it for a month and if you haven't become completely addicted to the sports news......cancel it. I dare you!

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    Sounds great B&G4evr

    But it would cut my time on here short

    I usually get what i need from sirius and on here

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    I guess I belong there I get the, "Welcome Steelerlyn" but I have not aggressively visited there in e-ons LOL seems like my script would be run out.
    Peace & Yours in Black 'N Gold,


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    I would join, but Wexell is an idiot.

    I'm A "Champion"

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    I've been subscribing to the Insider for about 3 years now. One of the other cool things is being able to go on other teams forums, you can access their "talk **** rooms" and see what everyone is sayin. You can even go to MLB, NBA, AFL, CFL, College, high school and even the NHL sites from there to.

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    That second day of the draft was so bad,I missed Tunch and the gang.

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    Ive been thinking about subscribing to it as well to get the 411 from other teams and sports and get more insider info.

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