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Thread: We'll soon know something about Faneca

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post
    If Faneca doesn't show for this camp; then there might be some trouble on the horizon with him this year but I think he'll show up and get to work with his teammates.

    Marvel Smith will be taking snaps at guard.
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    That's another reason why Okobi is the odd man out this year He's only really played Center for most of his career whereas all of our other lineman can do atleast 1 other position on the line; therefor making them more valuable.

    we shall see though, it's going to be interesting !

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    i think he plays out this year, then makes a decision (faneca). as for Krieder, i think we should definately keep him around, the shelll life for normal FB's is short, and he has lasted longer, and done better than most in the league. lets just let the guy finish out his term here in Pittsburgh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steelcurtaingal View Post
    the shelll life for normal FB's is short, and he has lasted longer, and done better than most in the league. :
    Mack Strong (Fb for the Shithawks) 14yrs
    Lorenzo Neal (FB-SD) 14yrs
    Mike Alstott (you better know his story) 11yrs
    Cory Schlesinger (FB-Lions) 11yrs
    Tony Richardson (FB-Vikings) 12yrs
    Zach Crocket (FB/RB Raiders) 12yrs

    Not really sure why you think the shelf life for FB's is so short but its not. If we can lock up Kreider for 5 more years, that would be money... look for a young FB in the next 2 yrs.

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