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East Liverpool? River rat! I graduated from Salem HS...
I did not graduate from East Liverpool, unfortunately. My parents were going through a nasty divorce at the time. I moved with my father to Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

I am a 1992 Alumni of Pottstown Senior High School, Pennsylvania
Starting Senior Quarterback.

Can you believe I outfox the starter from the previous year to become the new starter?

The coaches was like, who the hell is this kid? I told em, I came from the greatest conference in America, The Ohio Valley Athletic Conference, I was a backup RB and QB for the Potters. They couldn't believe my arm and mobility. The coaches was like, just where the hell did you really come from? I said, OVAC, sir, East Liverpool, Ohio. They was like, what positions did you play? I said, Backup QB and RB. They was like, OH come on now, you got speed and mobility, you are starting for us. Your a Godsent Gift. LOL. Unfortunately, we went 6-3, We could of went 9-1 if it wasn't for some dropped passes in the End Zone. They had suck since 1992, we had the last winning season at Pottstown, last year, they was 1-8 Although, EL SUCKS IN FOOTBALL. I was a wrestler for two years and had a lot of fun with that. We was the 1990-1991 OVAC Champions and Regional Champions under Coach Nick Trombetta.

There is my life history