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Thread: Teemont V1

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    Teemont V1

    I just wnted ot get all of your thoughts on my sigs....criticism is welcome (especially on the Wolverine sig, it sucks). I put theses in the order I made enjoy!

    Criticism, like I said, is welcome. I am trying to get better, so I wanna kow what you guys think I am doing wrong, and of course, what I am doing right.

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    Good work for a rookie!... I never made you the Wolverine sig because you started making sigs and I after I thought about it I didn't know if you meant the comic book guy or U of M. lol

    I still want to make a Wolverine sig (super hero)...

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    You're doing some good work there Tee ! My first sigs were pretty crappy when I look back on them now so it's definitely true that practice really does make you better.

    Great job, keep it up !

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