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Thread: Who had the best Day?

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    House of Steel
    Dallas, without a doubt.

    Cleveland was fine, but they got screwed in the end giving up way tooooooooooooooooo much for Quinn. I think this is going to haunt them in return. They are already comparing Quinn to Bernie Kosar and Brian Sipe. GOOD LORD!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlacknGold Bleeder View Post
    The mutts?? why is this so good granted 2 1st rounders but I thought Fried was supposed to be their franchise QB ???
    good point. not working out so good. quinn wants to be there and he's damn good. who the hell WANTS to play for the browns? he'll play with heart and he'll help them turn around. I could be completely full of ****, but i think it's a good day for the Mutts.

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    Must admit, the Shitballs had the best. Wierd thing is, about 5-10 minutes before there pick, I forget who was up at the time, but said if Quinn makes it to the second round, Cleve would get him.

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    I think its between Atlanta and Tampa Bay. They got the most value at where they drafted and didnt throw away any usefull picks.

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    The stains I would say picked the most talent, but I think Quinns going to have a rough time in cleveland, hell, peyton manning would have a tough time in cleveland. Personally I like Quinn and all the interviews I see with him seem to be positive so I was really hoping to see him go to miami.

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    I think we're giving the Browns too much credit here, i mean it's not that difficult to look like you got two great players when you have two first round picks does it?

    Believe the hype, Brady Quinn is the drafts biggest bust, and our dee will be there to help him proove just that!!

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    i say dallas, they got another demarcus ware to play along side him........they ****ed the browns in the *** and get a top 5 pick in next years draft, they got some potential on the oline in the third.........
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    Indy did good:

    1.(32) WR Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio St.
    2.(42) G Tony Ugoh, Arkansas
    3.(95) CB Daymeion Hughes, California
    4.(98) DT Quinn Pitcock, Ohio St.

    Raiders did good overall:

    1.(1) QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU
    2.(38) TE Zach Miller, Arizona St
    3.(65) DE Quentin Moses, Georgia
    3.(91) OT Mario Henderson, Florida St
    3.(99) WR Johnnie Lee Higgins, UTEP

    Vikings did good:

    1.(7) RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma
    2.(44) WR Sidney Rice, South Carolina
    3.(72) CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno St.

    Atlanta did good:

    1.(8) DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas
    2.(39) OT Justin Blalock, Texas
    2.(41) CB Chris Houston, Arkansas
    3.(75) WR Laurent Robinson, Illinois St.

    I thought Carolina did real good:

    1.(25) LB Jon Beason, Miami
    2.(45) WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC
    2.(59) C Ryan Kalil, USC
    3.(83) DE Charles Johnson, Georgia

    As did the Cardinals:

    1.(5) OT Levi Brown, Penn State
    2.(33) DT Alan Branch, Michigan
    3.(69) LB Buster Davis, Florida St.

    SF did real good too, especially in the 1st rd:

    1.(11) LB Patrick Willis, Mississippi
    1.(28) OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan
    3.(97) DE Ray McDonald, Florida

    As did the Rams:

    1.(13) DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska
    2.(52) RB Brian Leonard, Rutgers
    3.(76) WR Jason Hill, Washington St.
    3.(84) CB, Jonathan Wade, Tennessee

    Dallas did good picking up Spencer and another 1st in 2008, thats about it.

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    To bad we can't see Steelers on this list. (as of yet)

    I thought Whiz did pretty good so far for Arizona.
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    I`m glad, as a Steelers fan, that the mutts got Quinn , I do not think he is a The Mighty Quinn. His biggest short coming is his accuracy. Thats the most important part of a pro players game. Plus Winslow, and Edwards will ruin this guys confidence. They are a cancer for a team, good luck

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