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Thread: Steelers 3rd Round Pick -2007 - Matt Spaeth TE Minnesota

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    If we're planning on throwing to the TE more, this is not the type of TE we should have drafted.

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    lol..after this pick...its just a matter of time before gets bought up.

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    I HATE this pick

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    This is the only thing I can figure. The guy is 6'7. Most of our receivers are under 6'1. Maybe he is suppose to be a big threat to go along with Heath. Only way I can make sense of it. Also he is a great blocker.

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    1. we don't need a TE
    2. If we wanted him that bad we could have gotten him in5-6
    3. Tony Hunt was on the board
    4. we don't need a TE
    5. we don't need a TE
    6. we don't need a TE

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    baffled by this pick?????????

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    I'm not saying Matt Speath isn't going to suck, he is a beast and can open alot of things on offense but I don't see why we couldn't get him in the the 5th-6th even 4th round. I like Matt Speath but i like Hunt better. But If we do get Bush or a sleeper RB then Speath is well justified. At first I was going to spell Matt Speath in blood on a peice of papper and send it to somebody, but after I heard what you guys said I'm not that mad anymore. If we don't get an RB then I think Davenport will be good like a said 04-03-2007, 03:26 PM



    Some people think we need to pick up another bruiser in the draft but I think Davenport gets the job done. Bill Cower even put him as kick returner last year because special team players weren't to excited about meeting him head on. hes 6-1 247 and Micael Bush is 6-3 253 and Hunt is 6-0 230. Davenport's 28 years old so down the line we will need a good back up for Parker but for now I think we should spend our pick on a lineman, reciever, or corner before we look for another back in the later rounds.

    I still stand by what i said even know I wanted Hunt and Bush much more now than I did. well that all I have to say for tonigh. I'll be watching 4-7 tomorrow.

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    Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians
    On Matt Spaeth
    Tight End - Minnesota
    3rd Round — 77th Overall

    What do you like about Matt Spaeth?

    He is big, tall and fast. He can block; he is an outstanding, prototypical tight end. At 6'7", he can help stretch the field and he can also handle the point of attack. He gives us good flexibility to take Heath (Miller) and move him around a lot more. Also, I am a three tight-end guy. Jerame Tuman has played extremely well for us the last couple years. I like having three tight ends on the field a lot of times. It gives us a good personnel group, with two tight ends that can stretch the field and all three guys can block the point of attack. He is a very solid guy.

    Will this shift the offense away from the I-Back formation?

    Well, it gives us that type of flexibility. We have an outstanding fullback and we plan on using him. It gives you more things that can create more problems for the defense, without having to put another receiver in the game. We can have Heath in the slot, Jerame in there and then throw Matt in there. It really gives us a ton of flexibility.

    How fast is he?

    Fast enough.

    Is he more of a wide receiver than tight end?

    No, he is pure tight end. He is very similar to Heath. He can stretch the field. I would have to go back and look at it, but I can throw a number out there, maybe a 4.7 or 4.82. He is like Heath, where he can handle those big defensive ends, he can block those outside linebackers and he can also get done the middle. He is a good athlete and can play on all special teams.

    Is he 6'8"?

    Yeah, 6'7".

    Would you compare him to Matt Kranchick at all?

    I hope not. I hope he makes our team. He is that type of athlete. He is that type of athlete with a much better blocking background.

    In the second round, you missed Dwayne Jarrett by one. Is that a big deal? Were you kind of looking at that?

    He's a heck of a player. I don't know if he would have been in our plans or not. You never know.

    Would you have pushed for him?

    I'll take the fifth.

    Tony Hunt would have been a great pick here.

    There's a lot of things that can happen tomorrow. I don't see that need as much as what we got. Tony's speed bothers me a little bit, but he is a very productive player. Like I said, there is a need for a bigger back, but Najeh [Davenport] gives us that too. I'm really pleased with him.

    Did this guy block LaMarr Woodley (the Steelers second-round pick) at all?

    Yeah. There's a great shot on his first highlight of him cracking back. He did an unbelievable job in motion cracking back, trying to kill people. It might have been him (Woodley) on that first play. I'm trying to think who he did crack back on. But on his highlight tape, it was the first play.

    He had a shoulder injury. Did you check that out?

    Oh yeah. That's been well-documented and taken care of. I think, like Heath [Miller], I think he slid because of not being able to work out until late [and] missing most of the combine. And when he did work out, he got back pretty early. I think we got a steal.

    A couple of days ago, Kevin Colbert said that in the first round you would not draft a quarterback or a tight end in the first round. What made a tight end so attractive in the third round?

    I think this is the time that we wanted one. And this was a guy that we had targeted and really liked. We were ecstatic that he fell to us. We had three names. They were popping off like firecrackers right there and we just held our breath that he'd stay there.

    Does he satisfy your pass-catching needs?


    So much so that you might not seek a receiver the rest of the way?

    For a receiver to make our squad, and there are some that can make our squad, they are going to have to be able to play special teams and do some other things. Just to be a pure receiver, this is a tough group to crack.

    Was Yamon Figurs in that three?

    Yeah. He can do a lot of things. You know, you've got to have some other skills to come in – rather than just play receiver – and break into this lineup. I probably have a higher regard of our receivers than most people, since I coached them.

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    "There's a lot of things that can happen tomorrow. I don't see that need as much as what we got. Tony's speed bothers me a little bit, but he is a very productive player. Like I said, there is a need for a bigger back, but Najeh [Davenport] gives us that too. I'm really pleased with him."

    WHAT?!?!? They better get Bush. Thats all im saying

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    Correct me if i'm wrong here but with that post above from the OC, 3 te set, big back running.... sounds like we want to get back to our power running game....BRILLIANT!!!!

    IF this TE can bring that back to us then i'll be happy with what they have done with these picks so far and trust they know what they are doing.

    Guys, as good as Bush was, he may never be the player he once was, plus, he may not be the answer to our prayers for a big back ( he does run way too upright for my liking, ) whereas Davenport is definatley a downhill runner with a whole heap of speed to boot.

    Baring injuries, Bush may never see the ball as a 3rd string RB next year. Not saying he can't be a good one, but just saying don't get too carried away with focusing on "we need Bush"

    Besides Davenport is pretty good.

    I think for the rest of the draft we get that punter Spelveda ( if he hasn't gone already i haven't checked ) then try and get some more depth/help for the o-line.

    I'm liking what the steelers have drafted so far.

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