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Thread: Best Pick So Far?

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    Best Pick So Far?

    Did the Browns makethe best pick so far? The Cowboys probably got the most value out of the deal.
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    I gotta give the Browns some credit. I know those guys won't make an impact right away but it's definitely gotta be lingering in the back of everyone's mind that is in the AFCN.

    The Cowboys though got a pretty good pick after we all thought they weren't picking in the first round!~

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    I think Peterson going to Minnesota was a steal at number 7 when he was projected as a top 5, some even had him a top 3.

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    Matt you got a great point there and so does Chris with Cleveland. This has been one wild draft, I think the Saints got a great pair of hands with meachem. Unbelieveable draft, I never seen anything like this in a while.

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