Okay, it's time to put myself in Colbert's shoes and take a look at how
I would handle this if I were running the show. As I have already said,
this is a tough draft to scout with many players having holes in their
games and it will be a draft where players slip through the net too.

I look at my needs and there are two major ones - OL and OLB. On the
second tier, I would like to add a power back, receiver depth, secondary
depth and depth on the DL. Looking at the board, obviously Joe Thomas
will be long gone, that would leave me with Levi Brown on my radar, then
there would be a dropoff to later in round one with Joe Staley and then
the guards Blalock, Sears and Grubbs would be. OLB has talent with
Timmons and Posluzny though I still think that 15 is a little high to be
picking those guys, I would be more inclined to look at these guys in
the late teens. A wild card in the equation is Adam Carriker, not a
major need but a perfect fit for my team (and I am assuming Patrick
Willis is off the board, if he isn't all bets are off and Willis is my
man). Corner is being linked with me at 15, but I don't see it as a
critical need at this time. I like Revis and Hall though so they must
figure in the equation. A further complication to this is the fact that
I'm not sold on Levi Brown 100 percent although he would be decent value
at that spot, he may have gone by then rendering this discussion
pointless, but if it came to that then I would have an overwhelming
desire to get Carriker if he were there or trade down, pick up extra
picks and still get value later on. So if I slide down 5 spots, I should
still get help, be it in the form of Staley, of Grubbs or a LB. In
short, I look to trade down and get value.

Here is my value board, you know the drill, cross the names off the list
and the one who is at the top when the Steelers are on the clock is my

Patrick Willis
Adam Carriker
Levi Brown
Lawrence Timmons
Leon Hall
Darrelle Revis
Paul Pozluzny

Those seven guys would be on my radar at 15.

If we go down to 20, then the following come into play....

Ben Grubbs
Justin Blalock
Joe Staley
Aaron Ross

Herein lies the perfect storm. If everything were to fall into place, I
would pick Carriker in one, Brian Leonard in 2 and Stewart Bradley in
three. I doubt it would come to that, Leonard's versatility might land
him a spot late in round one, Bradley could take advantage of a lack of
OLB depth overall and get forced up the board too. Plus, if I do trade
down I would have extra picks to go after OL depth too, so trading down
gives me volume to my draft, and I like volume a lot :-) But by need, I
have to come out of day one with a top OL prospect and a decent OLB, my
work will be good if I have managed that.

Day two would see me go after depth, I have two fourth round picks,
Marshall Yanda can play guard or tackle, Tony Ugoh could fall and
represent good value early on day two, and I could get more LB and DB
help for special teams too. Tony Hunt or Dewayne Wright would fill my
need for a big back if Leonard isn't there. A productive, smart receiver
would be a nice pickup too. And I would draft a punter in round 5,
either Podlesh or Sepulveda would be an upgrade on Gardocki. And in
round 7, I would take a QB, just to see if I could get one to stick,
Jared Zabransky would be on my radar late.

This is not a deep draft, so I would have to be creative in filling out
for depth. Again, my mantra is let someone else make the mistakes, don't
reach, let the draft figure it's way out, stay focused on what I am
doing and all will be well.