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Thread: How long have you been a fan?

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    Aug 2006
    Central PA.
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    I crawled out of the woumb wearing a number 58 jersey
    Now that what Im talking about

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    Jul 2006
    Growing up in Pittsburgh you just become a fan without even knowing when it began so I really dont know. I'll just say FOREVER.
    :: Whoa, where the hell was I for 2 years?::

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    Jul 2006
    Kingsville, Texas
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    i've been a fan since 2000, which is pretty much when i started watching football on the reg
    "SA, it's more than a FEVER it's an ADDICTION" -BlacknGold Bleeder

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    Nashville - Titan Hell LOL
    Longer than I can remember?

    I also grew up in OH - near Youngstown. However, back then everyone was a Browns fan, and then they left Cleveland and a lot of people jumped on the Steeler bandwagon.

    I do remember going to home games at TRS from about age 12 or so.

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    I've always liked they Steelers but I realy got into it when they were in the AFC Championship Game in 2001 (when they finnaly got good).
    "Find a way to lose!" - The Mike Tomlin football philosophy

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