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Thread: LAST DAY BEFORE DRAFT,,,,,,,,,,,

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    House of Steel
    Possible we will draft Timmons, I see this happening the more I look into this. I do hope we can still get Anthony Spencer. There is a possiblity of trading down which someone has mentioned here numerous times, and I would be for that. This Draft is going to be very entertaining in my opinion.

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    Draft Series Prediction

    I can't quote the whole article but Jim Wexell writes a great article in SteelCityInsider and I will give you the highlights.

    The Lawrence Timmons bandwagon is filling up and I fail to understand the reason.

    Timmons is the Florida State outside linebacker who played in a 4-3 scheme and is being projected as the Steelers first round pick by a throng of national journalists and a pack of locals, including those very close to the team.

    I'd buy it, but for two things: One, I've seen him play, and two, I can't figure out where he'd play in a 3-4 scheme.
    Can you tell Jim Wexell is unimpressed with Timmons?

    Timmons stands a fraction under 6-1 and weighs only 234 lbs. There is no way in the world this kid - he'll turn 21 in May - will be able to put his hand on the ground in a four-man line on pass downs and put any pressure on the quarterback. Heck, he only had five sacks and two quarterback pressures last season, his only season as a starter. His 40 time of 4.65 is nothing special and his pro-day was so unimpressive it invoked apologies to the scouts and coaches present from his agent.

    Timmons won't help on third down and he certainly won't hold the point on run downs as an outside backer in their 3-4.

    Timmons instead projects to inside mack-backer behind Larry Foote, the youngest of the Steelers' championship linebackers and the one with the most time - three years - left on his contract.

    So to make a long story short, Lawrence Timmons would be a mistake.
    He goes on next about the O-line and he makes some valid points.

    The other name the Steelers are leaking is Penn State offensive tackle Levi Brown (6-5, 323). They love his hands. Hmmm. Many scouts are worried about Brown's feet and believe he'll be nothing more than a right tackle, and the Steelers already have Max Starks, Willie Colon and Trai Essex at that position. Some scouts also worry about Brown's knee problems. Others worry about his performance "on the boards" during interviews.

    Regardless, the Steelers bigger problem is their interior, where the good guard is fed up and the bad guard is in the last year of his contract. O-line coach Larry Zeirlein also prefers a big center to handle the nose guards who've given the Steelers so much trouble the last few years, but Chukky Okobi can't handle nose guards and newcomer Sean Mahan is only 301 pounds.

    The answer at center is not another little technician such as Ryan Kalil, but a 320-pounder such as Texas RT-RG-C Justin Blalock. He had the highest Wonderlic (37) and the most reps (40) at the combine, but the Steelers will likely stick with Mahan since they've already spent the money.

    The ideal draft, for me, would be to trade down - perhaps use Darelle Revis as bait - for a pass-rusher such as Purdue defensive end/outside linebacker Anthony Spencer, and then trade back up into the bottom of the first round for Blalock. Add a rugged running back such as Brian Leonard or Tony Hunt and they're on their way. That's the way to go. And if the Steelers are using Timmons as a smokescreen, I'll be the first to praise their unprecedented secrecy this draft season.
    Those are some exerpts from Wexell's article in He doesn't seem happy that the leaks he is hearing are about Timmons and Brown. But as he also suggests these leaks could very well be smoke screens. Guess we will see tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzburgh55 View Post
    I say Calvin Johnson is gonna tell all the other teams to go to hell and he wants to play for the steelers

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    Guess whoever guessed "Timmons" got it right

    I say we trade down with the NY Jets and take Anthony Spencer
    is what my gut was telling me,but i'm very happy with "TIMMONS"

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