The next addition to the SA lineup of options for the members has just been unveiled ! It's called Show Signature only once !

Basically what it does is allow each member to have the option of only seeing members signatures once per page. This mod will be especially useful for:

-Those that use dialup
-Those that have their settings to view more than the standard amount of posts per page
-Those that post in the gameday thread when the Steelers play
-Those that still want to see and enjoy other members signatures, but would rather not see them every single time a member posts multiple times in a thread.

You can turn this option on or off in the UserCP-->Edit Options-->Thread Display Options, it's down at the bottom of that section. If you leave it to "off" you'll see all sigs everytime a member posts. If you turn it on, you'll only see their signature once per page in a thread.

Enjoy !! Let us know if you have any questions or problems !