Jeff Shanholtz <> wrote: I think it would be really interesting to see some league-wide statistics on this kind of stuff, e.g. number/percentage of 2nd day picks still on the team 3 years later. It's easy to criticize the Steelers handling of day 2 (and I'm not trying to claim the criticism is not deserved), but how do they stack up against other teams?

"The Steelers had two picks in both the fourth and fifth rounds last year,
and only Willie Colon is still with the team. Wide receiver Fred Gibson, No.
4 in 2005, never made it out of training camp; all five second-day picks
from 2004 have been waived. Other wasted second day picks have been spent on Mathias Nkwenti and Danny Farmer.

In total, the Steelers have made 34 second-day draft picks since 2000, and
from those they have found four starters - Ike Taylor, Brett Keisel, Larry
Foote and Clark Haggans - plus four other guys who have had significant
roles or showed promise - Chukky Okobi, Chris Kemoeatu, Verron Haynes and
Colon. That's not a real good percentage."

I would like to know if any player drafted by any team who was let go, for whatever reason, became a starter for another team. If so, that pick would count as a success, not just the team that selected him.