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Thread: Two veteran QB's signed

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    Two veteran QB's signed

    Kerry Collins to the Titans and Jeff George to the Raiders.

    I was hoping deep down that the Steelers might look into a veteran, more like a Collins though, because I'm personally not to impressed with their options for a 3rd stringer.

    Any how, Collins is a good fit for the Titans. Volek(sp) has always been a good backup and filled in nicely when he had to start, but he's never been tested to carry the load the entire season. Young, has been battling some injuries here and there, so Collins will fit in nicely here and be able to help out the two other QB's on the roster.

    I'm baffled by the George signing, he hasn't played for 5 years. Then again this is the Raiders we are talking about and their QB options aren't looking to good right now, except for their rookie. Brooks has been in an awful slump the past couple of seasons... I'm not sure what's going on with him, maybe it has something to do being related to Vick

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    Jeff has to be like 100 years old the last time he played in a game tom brady was still in college

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    Everyone was baffled when the Colts took him with their first round back way back when he came out of college, and even now after he's been out of the league for all these years this makes no sense to me either

    I'd sooner go after Neil Odonnel then Jeff George..IF..I was a raiders fan.

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    I wonder if O'Donnell is still on the Cowboys payroll?

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    George is a freaking joke, goodness, how dumb.

    Now Tommy Maddox would of been the best signing for a backup. GOODNESS!!!

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