Steelers open to draft day deals

Monday, April 23, 2007
By Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Steelers are more likely to make a trade and move down the ladder in the first round from their No. 15 position than move up, they said today.

Kevin Colbert, the team's director of football operations, also said they would consider trading players -- and that would include guard Alan Faneca.

"Sure, we're open to everything," Colbert said today. "You never say never on any given situation. If you say you wouldn't do it and then all of a sudden someone proposes something crazy, you have to consider it."

Would that include Faneca, their six-time Pro Bowl guard who is unhappy with the financial terms left on the final year of his contract? There have been rumors that the Cardinals would like to acquire Faneca from the Steelers and reunite him with offensive line coach Russ Grimm and new Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

"We touch base with every team," Colbert said. "We never get into a specific name; most teams don't, unless they come out publicly and say that. You never mention a player's name unless you're sure that player's not going to be with you, because if that player's name gets out in trade talks and you don't trade him, now you have a problem on your hands."

Colbert said picking up extra draft choices in a trade to move further down in the first round is enticing.

"It's less likely we'll go up from the 15th position because it's very expensive to get up into that top echelon," Colbert said. "Trading down could be an option for us. This is probably a good draft where more picks midway through is probably a good thing because there are a lot of good players that are going to be available in those 3-4-round areas. That could be interesting to us."

The Steelers have nine draft picks in the draft that takes place Saturday and Sunday.

I hope they do move down from #15, then package some of their late picks, to maximize their picks right around rounds 2, 3 & 4.