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i don't get the argument, all stillers is trying to say is 7-9 is a possibility, it's not like he's saying the steelers suck and WILL go 7-9, all he saying is the truth, there's always a possibility of sucking complete *** and going under .500, it don't make him a bad fan......... he just don't like lying to himself lol

and i agree, it's really to early to tell what our season is gonna be like until after the draft, we still have holes to fill, and there are still teams that are better then us, whether some like to admit it or not, right now, the best i think we can probably do is 10 wins, and maybe second place in the division....... i hope we can win more, and win the division........ but as of this moment, our team isn't better or worse then our 8-8 team of 2006...... so it's kinda hard to imagine a huge improvement of 12 wins or more........
You make very good points Koopa, and you're correct as of right now we're neither better or worse than last year but the main thing we have going for us is an apparent new attitude and rediscovered hope for the coming season. Everybody starts fresh and hopefully that will go a long way to keeping our confidence up.