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Thread: Giemont(team conditioning coach) likes what he sees so far

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    Giemont(team conditioning coach) likes what he sees so far

    Giemont likes what he sees so far
    Thursday, April 19, 2007
    By Teresa Varley

    The Steelers are in their fourth week of voluntary off-season workouts, preparing for their first mini-camp this weekend, and the majority of the work that they have done under the watchful eye and teaching of the team's new conditioning coordinator Garrett Giemont and his staff.

    Giemont joined the Steelers staff this off-season, coming in with 25 years of experience in the NFL. He has seen a lot, but what he sees from this year's team impresses him.

    "This football team is a great working team," said Giemont, who was most recently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he was on the same staff as head coach Mike Tomlin. "They come to work on a day-to-day basis and work. It's enjoyable to be a part of that."

    Players can be creatures of habit when it comes to their workouts, going through the same routine on a regular basis, sometimes year in and year out if it is working for them. So when Giemont arrived, it meant some changes in the player's routines. But they have adapted to the changes that Giemont has brought and are flourishing in the workouts.

    "The players have a great attitude towards work and they have been very open to receiving new things," said Giemont. "Any time anything changes they have concerns. I think things are really falling into place. They are seeing the progression. They feel their body get back into shape.

    "As we continue through this they will continue to see that. We have done very well. I've added some different lifts that guys haven't done in a while."

    A true sign of how well the players are adapting is the amazing attendance for the program. It's a packed house in the locker room, weight room and the team's indoor practice facility on a daily basis.

    "It's wonderful to be here individually for myself. It's wonderful to work with a team that has the work ethic of the Steelers," said Giemont. "The attendance has been spectacular. The workload has been wonderful and their work ethic is superior. Right now I am excited. I am excited to be working with guys who have this work ethic. This is what you are looking for. This is what it is all about.

    "This team is going to come to work every day and they are going to work. It's who they are and who they have been."

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    Pretty good read. Hope he isn't just saying this, and really means it.

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