Found this article thought it was pretty interesting... and a scary reminder...

Since 1970, the Steelers have had 11 top-15 picks, but only one other time did they have the 15th overall selection. While I decide whether to spare you the agony of revealing who the other 1.15 was, how did the other first-half-of-the-round picks work out? Well ... not so good.

I mean, it started out good, but it was hit or miss from there (mostly miss ... like by a mile):

1970 - QB Terry Bradshaw (1st overall); future Hall of Famer;
1971 - WR Frank Lewis (8th); in seven seasons never had more than 409 receiving yards;
1972 - RB Franco Harris (13th); future Hall of Famer;
1982 - RB Walter Abercrombie (12th); never broke 1,000 yards and averaged 4.0 ypc during a seven-year career;
1986 - G John Reinstra (9th); I'll be honest, I got nothing (although this isn't encouraging);
1987 - CB Rod Woodson (10th); arguably the franchise's best pick;
1989 - RB Tim Worley (7th); Let's see, the 7th overall pick lasts three seasons and manages to run for fewer than 500 yards a season;
1991 - LB Huey Richardson (15th); Yep, this is what the 2007 pick will forever be compared to. Those are some high standards;
1992 - T Leon Searcy (11th); before last year, Searcy was the last player drafted from the University of Miami (Orien Harris broke the streak in '06 ... and was promptly released);
1999 - Troy Edwards (13th); Good thing the team didn't already have Hines Ward on the roster ... oh, wait;
2000 - Plaxico Burress (8th); Good thing the team didn't draft Troy Edwards with the 13th overall pick the previous year ... oh, wait;
2004 - Ben Roethlisberger (11th); this pick, and the subsequent Super Bowl victory makes up for all the boneheaded selections that preceded it.

Makes me think maybe we ought to trade this pick... LOL