Yeah, Stevens had a frat party rape accusation come up right after he was drafted. It was not prosecuted due to lack of evidence. It was one of those situations where nobody could tell who was telling the truth.

Later on he did have a DUI conviction. He has been on a short leash since (our new GM has cleared out a bunch of people with character issues and he probably knew he was on the bubble) and his play has improved tremendously. Stevens arguably had the best season for a Seahawk TE last year. Then he stunk it up in the SuperBowl.

Barring the injury, I think he would be an outstanding FF pick up. He creates huge (no pun intended) match up problems for most teams as a reciever. We throw to the TE a lot to make our offense work. And most teams aren't going to game plan for him. I think he could definately have a pro bowl type year in him this season. If he gets healthy.