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Thread: Urlacher fined $100,000 for Super Bowl hat

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    It's like a cop pulling you over because he doesn't like your hairstyle and wants to "fine" you for bad taste. An easy way for the town to get some money, eh?

    The difference is, the NFL always deals in terms of THOUSANDS because their players are so ridiculously rich (over-paid IMO--there ARE easier jobs they could work toward if they don't want to get hurt and still want to make great, lawyer, stock broker, CEO, etc....).

    Anyway, back on sounds to me like an easy way for the league to line their pockets in someone else's money, and off someone else's work.

    The rules are gettin a LITTTTLE ridiculous. When it's a rule in place just to make you easy money, there's somethin wrong with that rule.

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    I agree with your post, steelerwoman. This is getting out of hand and going too far.

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