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Thread: Ginn runs and impresses

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    Quote Originally Posted by okiesteeler View Post
    AP plays for the best college in the known universe and will be by far the best running back in the draft and one of the best in the nfl within a few years, depending on who drafts him
    AP is SICK, i luv'd watching him in that game when his fater got out of prison and watched him play, sucked he got injured but he ran possesed until then... but OU still sucks, lol sorry im a PSU fan i cant stand for that, LOL! Imagine your team last year if your '05 QB wasnt an idiot!?!?!?

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    18,995 college in the known universe....lmao

    They lost in the greatest game in the history of the universe against that super powerhouse boise state....what a that was a game

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