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Thread: Your favorite Steelers season besides the 2005-2006 Super Bowl Champions year?

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    2004 was a fun year. I loved just seeing our Steelers win game after game.

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    Ok all you older Steelers fans that saw the Steel Curtain you Just kidding with but I just wish I would have gotten to experience that great time in Steelers history.

    As for my favorite Steelers season well of course its the 2005 season. Winning the Super Bowl and the way the Steelers did it make it an easy favorite for all us younger Steelers fans that have only experienced one Super Bowl

    But the 2004 would be second. Actually the regular season of 2004 was better then the 2005 season. Its just the loss to the Pats in the AFC title game that year that ruined that But 15-1 and the Steelers had that feel that year that no matter what they were going to find a way to win the game. It was magical feel about that 2004 team.

    But other favorite seasons of mine were the 1994 season. The Steelers were 12-4 that year and won the AFC Central. Lost to the Chargers in the AFC title game. The reason I like this season so much was I did get to see 11-12 games that year. I didn't have Sunday Ticket back then but it worked out that we saw 11 or 12 Steelers games that year. To me that 94 Blitzburgh defense is the best defense I have ever seen and not the over-rated 2000 Ravens defense.

    Of course the 1995 season and the trip to the Super Bowl was awesome.

    I loved the 1997 season as well. I lived in Pittsburgh that year and attended two games at Three Rivers that season. I saw the Steelers beat the Colts 26-24 and the Ravens 38-0. Plus that was Kordell's best season when he threw for 21 TD's and ran for 11. The loss the Broncos in the AFC title game ruined that

    The 2000 season was fun to. The Steelers were coming off back to back below 500 seasons. Plus started out 0-3 that year but finished 9-7. Plus if you remember the Steelers recieved some bad calls in 2 or 3 losses that year. The Eagles game of that year really sticks out in my mind.

    Then of course the 2001 season was great. The Steelers were 13-3 and beat the Ratbirds in the play-offs that year. Of course another AFC title game loss brought the season crashing down.

    I thought the 2002 season was really exciting as well and is one of my favorites. The magic Tommy Maddox had that year was fun to watch. Plus Hines Ward and Plax had big years catching the football. The loss to the Titans in the Division round of the play-offs sucked but that was a fun and great season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlacknGold Bleeder View Post
    Hard to pick one season,any STEELER season is great !! I'm going old school the 70's teams rocked !!! NOBODY played defense like those boys, never have and never will !! 1976 was probably the best defense finished out with like 4-5 shutouts only thing that stopped them was Franco and Rocky getting hurt. That team was awesome !!!!
    Got to agree, but '78.

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