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Thread: Steelers cornerback battle takes a confusing turn

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    Quote Originally Posted by suitanim
    Hmmm...only a little love for Ike, and none for Coke. Remember that everyone was saying EXACTLY these same things about Ike at this time last year, trying to figure out why he was on the team, where he fit in the scheme of things, etc, etc...he then went on to have a Pro Bowl caliber season last year.

    Cowher has already clearly stated that Coclough had a great camp, made leaps and bounds, and that is backed up by the fact that he got the start over McF in the Eagles game (although Bryant will get the start in the Pathers game). That 60 yard bomb against Coke? One play. Ike was smoked a few times last year...Hell, even Deion Sanders (Whom I hate, but he was a great shut-down corner) got smoked from time to time.

    Give the kid a chance...Ike was just about as productive in his first two years (Read: not at all) and then he blossomed. We should be happy we have that much talent at the position...
    didn't cowher also say he liked what he saw in duce?? i'm sure ricardo will blossom, but i hope it's next year, cause losing ike might hurt a little if ricardo doesn't break out............the one thing with ricardo is that i never want to see him return a kick off again he ****in sucks and he acts like a pussy when he's about to get hit
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
    Ike got smoked his first year, but his second year he showed alot of now he's turned into one of the better CB's in the league IMO...but Coc hasn't shown enough IMO. He has a flash or 2 now and then but he's not closing speed and often ends up out body position when covering his opponents.
    To back BRC's claim, about Coc, go back and watch the Cardinals game. There was a couple of times he could have broke on the ball and picked it off, but he just couldn't break on the ball. The guy is lightening quick, he showed that last year but he doesn't know how to use it.

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