Been debating what to say since I first read the PM at TSZ and really still have not figured out what to say but I am going to try anyway,

I really never met Dan in person but I felt like I knew him just from being around him. Whenever I needed something he would be there in a heartbeat, like a brother would be. I dont know what happened (one day I hope I do) but you have been saftey blanket for me at TSZ and all that you have done to keep me on the right track to achieve my goals. Just helping with little stuff.

I was in the same situation before at a time at TSZ and you talked me out of it and I am glad you did. Well man you are leaving a great thing here and I know you enjoy doing it so to me it has to be something on the more serious side so I hope everything is good.

You need anything brother you know where to find me. Peace bro