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Thread: New Ownership

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    Arrow New Ownership

    I just wanted to let everyone know I am stepping down as owner of SA for personal reasons. I have turned the site over to Matt (Top Gun) who I know will do a great job! AZ_Steeler will be staying on also. The only change here is myself.
    I have all the faith in the world that TG and AZ will do a great job and I want to thank both of them for the help they gave me in getting SA going. Without them it wouldn't be what it is today.
    I've made some great friends here and have had a lot of fun posting with all of you. You have all been great to me and I hope you will show Matt the same respect.
    I will be sending Matt the money that has been donated thus far so there is no worry there for people who have donated. The money will still go into SA like I have always said.
    And last but not least, thank you all for joining SA and becoming part of this site! Without members a forum is nothing! I hope you are all able to enjoy coming here for many years and many Steelers Super Bowl wins!!
    So this isn't good bye or anything. Least I hope it isn't! I will still try and post here and help Matt and Chris when/if needed and when/if I have the time.
    Thanks for the great times everyone!

    Dan (Steelersfan)

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    Whatever you need to do is top priority, Dan. You have 100% of my support. You and your family are in my prayers. I look forward to continuing to see your posts and you being around as often as you can. Please take good care.

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    well you are definitely leaving the site in good hands, i hope everything works out for you mayne.......
    "SA, it's more than a FEVER it's an ADDICTION" -BlacknGold Bleeder

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    It's a sad day in SA history to see Dan step down. You are the reason bro, that SA is here. Your vision of what a Steelers board should be has helped mold this place into the great site that it has become to date. You've surrounded yourself with positive influences and those that share the same vision and integrity that you do.

    AZ, Myself, and the rest of the team will uphold your dream and keep it going. One thing we won't do though is let you just fade off into the sunset. We fully expect to see you posting up, and enjoying all that you have created. Each and every member here on SA means something to all of us and we're so glad that you've all signed up and participate here on the site. Dan wanted to make a Steelers site where everybody's opinion mattered, where everyone feels welcome and appreciated...he's accomplished that and then some during SA's young existance.

    Personal reasons may have compelled you to reach this decision, but you can count on our full support and we are always in your corner, and we will always welcome your insight and support into keeping SA moving in the positive direction that it has been since you started it last year.
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    House of Steel
    I am very sadden and shocked over this announcement. Dan, as a friend and true admirer of your dedications here at SA, you will never ever in any of our hearts' here at SA be forgotten about who started this great forum. Whatever the deal is your going through personally, I hope the Lord guides you and your wife through it all. You are a warrior, you are a conqueror, and most of all, you are the best friend anyone could ever have and I am sure I am speaking for all of us here at SA. I hope you do come and post from time to time. Yes, I am in tears, cause you made a great home for not only myself but to all of us in the Steeler Nation. I love this forum so much cause it is a safe haven away from the hell and stress of the world we live in. I wish this wasn't happening and it was only a dream. WE WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL FOR YOU, DAN. THANKS SO MUCH. WE LOVE YA BROTHER!!!!

    One more thing I forgot: Leaving SA in the hands of Matt, Top Gun, is the best decision ever. He is going to carry the flames and Dan's legacy to new heights. Congratulations, Matt.

    (I can't believe I am shedding so many tears over this, THIS IS INDEED THE SADDEST DAY IN SA HISTORY.)
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    I'm sorry to see you step down Dan, but I can understand. Thank you for making SA and bringing me on staff. I love it here and I'm glad to be part of it. You could not have left SA in better hands. I have known Matt a long time and I know he will keep this site rocking.

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    Best of luck dan. As for the new ownership. There goes the neighborhood. Congrats Matt

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    This is sad... Thanks, and good luck Dan.

    Congrats Matt...

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    I'm sorry to hear you are stepping down Dan. You have done a wonderful job with this site and I know Matt will carry it on. Good luck in everything Dan!!!

    sig made by K Train....Thank you!

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    Wow didnt see this coming at all

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