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Thread: New BB Codes

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    New BB Codes

    I have added some new BB Codes that I don't think most of you have seen yet, so they are as follows:

    [[del]This text should be crossed out[/del] = This text should be crossed out
    [move]Scrolling text right to left[/move] =
    Scrolling text right to left

    IE ONLY: [glow=(color=blue, strength=2)]this text is glowing[/glow] =
    this text is glowing

    If anyone has any requests for something let me know and as long as they seem reasonable I'll get them added for you!

    Also refer to the "How To's" for more detail:

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    Good stuff Chris

    For those that might not grasp that 2nd one he posted up, you will only see glowing text if you use Internet Explorer, you won't see it if you use FireFox.

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    another victory for IE

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