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Thread: SA Mock Draft Version 2

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    SA Mock Draft Version 2

    I just put our names on a pieces of paper and put them in my spurs hat and shook it and drew the names out from there lol, so this is the order of our picks

    1. keep the talk in this thread, this thread is just for picks
    2. two round draft
    3. Must have the players HT and WT
    4. A review why you selected this player
    5. Little overview of the player.
    6. Maximum of 8 hrs starting after pick one you will have for each selection. If you know your not going to be here pass your spot along or send a pm to someone with your selections. after 24 hours are up, you lose the pick and i will reorder the names that draft for the team
    7. I know this is a steelers site, but lets keep the picks totally unbiased when we are picking for rival teams.....
    8. I'll send you a page when it is your turn to make the pick

    First Round

    1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell QB LSU Correct
    2. Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson WR Georgia TechCorrect
    3. Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson HB Oklahoma Wrong actual pick- Joe Thomas
    4. Tampa Bay Bucs - Gaines Adams DE Clemson Correct
    5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin Wrong actual pick- Levi Brown
    6. Washington Redskins - Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas Wrong actual pick- Laron landry
    7. Minnesota Vikings - LaRon Landry S LSU Wrong actual pick- Adrian Peterson
    8. Atlanta Falcons - Adam Carriker DE Nebraska Wrong actual pick- Jamaal Anderson
    9. Miami Dolphins - Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame Wrong actual pick- Ted Gin Jr.
    10. Houston Texans – Levi Brown OT Penn Wrong actual pick- Amobi Okoye
    11. San Francisco 49ers - Alan Branch DT Michigan
    12. Buffalo Bills - Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
    13. St. Louis Rams - Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    14. Carolina Panthers - Greg Olsen TE Miami
    15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Anthony Spencer DE Purdue
    16. Green Bay Packers – Reggie Nelson S Florida
    17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Patrick Willis ILB Miss
    18. Cincinnati Bengals - Leon Hall CB Michigan
    19. Tennessee Titans - Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
    20. New York Giants - Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State
    21. Denver Broncos - Jarvis Moss DE Florida
    22. Dallas Cowboys - Chris Houston CB Arkansas
    23. Kansas City Chiefs - Ted Ginn Jr. WR OSU
    24. New England Patriots (from Seattle) - Paul Posluszny LB Penn State
    25. New York Jets - Darrelle Revis CB Pitt
    26. Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Meriweather S Miami
    27. New Orleans Saints - Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    28. New England Patriots - Michael Griffin S Texas
    29. Baltimore Ravens - Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    30. San Diego Chargers - Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
    31. Chicago Bears - Jon Beason OLB Miami
    32. Indianapolis Colts – Justin Harrell DT tennessee

    Second Round

    33. Oakland - Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
    34. Detroit Lions - Aaron Ross CB Texas
    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
    36. Cleveland Browns - Eric Wright CB UNLV
    37. Chicago Bears (from Washington through New York Jets) - Zach Miller TE ASU
    38. Arizona Cardinals - Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio State
    39. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston) - Ryan Kalil C USC
    40. Miami Dolphins - Top Gun - Justin Blalock OG Texas
    41. Minnesota Vikings - Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
    42. San Francisco 49ers - Anthony Gonzalez WR OSU
    43. Buffalo Bills - Tanard Jackson CB Syracuse
    44. Atlanta Falcons - Marcus McCauley CB Fresno St.
    45. Carolina Panthers - David Harris ILB Michigan
    46. Pittsburgh Steelers - Arron Sears OL Tennessee
    47. Green Bay Packers - Tony Hunt RB Penn State
    48. Jacksonville Jaguars - Eric Weddle S Utah
    49. Cincinnati Bengals - DeMarcus Tyler DT North Carolina St.
    50. Tennessee Titans - Brian Leonard RB Rutgers
    51. New York Giants - Michael Bush RB Louisville
    52. St. Louis Rams - Daymeion Hughes CB Cal
    53. Dallas Cowboys - LaMarr Woodley DE Michigan
    54. Kansas City Chiefs - Manuel Ramirez OG Texas Tech
    55. Seattle Seahawks - Ben Patrick TE Delaware
    56. Denver Broncos - Jason Hill WR Washington St.
    57. Philadelphia Eagles - Kenny Irons HB Auburn
    58. New Orleans Saints - Fred Bennett CB South Carolina
    59. New York Jets - Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
    60. Miami Dolphins (from New England) - Josh Beekman OG Boston College
    61. Baltimore Ravens - Brandon Siler LB Florida
    62. San Diego Chargers - H.B. Blades LB Pittsburgh
    63. New York Jets (from Chicago) - Rufus Alexander LB Florida
    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis) - Steve Smith WR USC
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    With the first pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Oakland Raiders select...

    JaMarcus Russell - QB/LSU

    HT:6-5 WT:265

    The Raiders need help in a lot of areas but the best place to start is with a franchise quarterback and Russell has all the tools to be just that. There are other players worthy of the first pick as well, but it's hard to pass on a quarterback with so much potential.

    Russell has great size and will likely have the strongest arm in the NFL the moment he signs on the dotted line. He has the accuracy to fit balls between defenders and the range to throw one beautiful deep ball. He is a good scrambler and throws well on the run. He's a tough kid who plays well under pressure and should develope into a leader at the next level.

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    With the 2nd pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Detroit Lions select

    Calvin Johnson-WR/Georgia Tech

    HT-6-4 WT-210

    The Lions have alot of needs and WR isn't a big one for the Lions. Plus the Lions have spent three first round picks on WR's in the past four drafts. But there is noway you can pass on the best overall prospect in this years draft and thats the reason for the pick.

    Calvin Johnson has the size and the speed to dominate the NFL. He also has very good hands and runs sharp/precise routes. Is big and tough to tackle. Plus has a great attitude and work ethic. He is the anti-T.O. The only negative on Johnson could be his blocking which he has the size to be a very good blocker but must work harder at it.

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    With the third pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Cleveland Browns select:

    Adrian Peterson-HB-Oklahoma

    HT: 6'1" WT: 217

    The Browns have beefed up their OL through FA's. Their other need are DL, QB and RB. I'm not sold on Quinn and between Frye and Anderson, they can make the QB position work. They signed J. Lewis to a 1 year contract so that right there shows he's not their answer in the backfield. Peterson is a rare gifted athlete who will be around for a long time.

    He has a rare combination of power and speed for a running back. He is a physical player who would rather hit, than be hit. His lower body strength and physical style allow him to power through arm tackles on the second level. Has the ability to be a true workhorse and seems to get better as the game goes on.

    His blend of speed and quickness is at an elite level for a big back. He seems to take the handoff already at full speed, quickly hitting the hole with authority. His feet and quickness are outstanding at his size, allowing him to change directions quickly either in the backfield or in the open field. When he does change directions, he can get back to full speed quickly with his excellent burst and acceleration.

    His vision may be his best attribute. As fast as he is, his eyes may be even faster. He can see the holes before they open, and he can read and react to cutback lanes or find opportunities to bounce it outside. He is a leader by example, who plays hurt and plays with passion.

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    With the 4th pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Tampa Bay Bucs Select:

    Gaines Adams
    Height: 6-5
    Weight: 260
    Position: Defensive End
    College: Clemson

    Has that sudden burst needed to surprise a lethargic blocker coming off the snap and also hows the range and pursuit quickness to chase down ball carriers turning the corner as well as demonstrating good balance and body control working through trash. Gaines displays good reverse spin moves to apply backside pressure and has the valid foot quickness and backpedal to drop back in zone coverage … Needs to add bulk, but compensates by utilizing his quickness to defeat blocks, fight pressure and work back to the ball and he Has the explosive burst to close on the quarterback once he clears the line of scrimmage. Phenominal hand movement, his arms are moving all the time and with a huge height advantage and leaping ability to obstruct the quarterback's passing view, and times his leaps well to bat down a good share of passes at the line of scrimmage.

    I chose him because the Bucs need to beef up their defense. Gaines Adams would not be a bad addition to the line, especially with White going into free agency and Rice getting older.
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    With the fifth pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Arizona Cardinals select:

    Joe Thomas OT/Wisconsin

    HT: 6-7 WT:310

    Thomas who on some websited is listed as 6-8 is a premier OL. He is a very good run blocker who does a good job of finishing his blocks, but he is an even better blindside pass protector. His quick feet, good balance, and near flawless technique make him an ideal left tackle prospect. Thomas has all of the intangibles you could want from a player on your team. He is an extremely hard worker who is constantly trying to improve his game. He is an intelligent player who has been an honor student everywhere he has been and he is a person of impeccable character.

    At pick number 5, this future superstar is there for a team with a DESPERATE need for an offensive line upgrade...they cannot and will not pass on him, in fact, coach whiz may have pissed his pants when he found out that Thomas was still there, especially with high demand for top offensive lineman and the struggling olines that all picked 1-4.....they are very happy to have such a prospect fall to them, he will be a star in an up and coming franchise for years to come.

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    With the Sixth Pick The Washington Redskins Select:

    Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas

    HT 6'5
    WT 288

    the redskins need a pass rusher and a good run stopper, anderson will provide that for them here, if gaines adams is here he's their pick, but since he went earlier, they get the second best DE in the draft

    Has great size with a large frame and long arms...A smooth athlete with excellent agility...Strong and powerful...Terrific pass rusher who can be effective with either a bull-rush or finesse moves...Does a quality job versus the run...Motor runs non-stop...Very good in pursuit and has a burst to close...Is versatile and could play a number of different roles depending on the scheme he is in...Has a ton of upside.
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    With the 7th pick the Minnesota Vikings select

    LaRon Landry-S/LSU


    With Adams and Anderson off the board and the fact Darren Sharper is getting up there in age is the reason I made Landry the pick. I think DE is a bigger need but no DE left are worth the 7th overall pick.

    Landry excels in all types of coverage. He has great run/pass recognition and does not get fooled by play-action fakes or misdirection plays. Has the elite speed and explosive closing burst to finish. Delivers violent hits. Gets outside quickly to make interceptions or break up passes. Gets physical with receivers when going for the ball. Landry is also solid in run support. The bottom line Landry is not only the best safety in this draft but the best DB. He has the physical tools plus great instincts, toughness and competitive-ness to be a great NFL player.

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    with the 8th pick the falcons select

    Adam Carriker DE 6-6 292


    Has outstanding size and a big frame...Has tremendous strength and is extremely powerful...Holds his ground and is exceptional against the run...Has a motor that never stops...Solid tackler...Instinctive and pursues well...Is technically sound and uses his hands well...Is versatile and could play a number of different roles and positions...Very productive...Tough guy and a hard worker with great intangibles.

    Well since Vick sucks, they will obviously address the defense, Brady Quinn would be to good of a pick for all there 1st round WRs. Carriker can immediately fill the void left by Kerney, hes got good size and is very powerful, will be a force against the run and can pressure the QB

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    Miami Dolphins select Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame

    HT 6'3
    WT 232

    the dolphins seem to be pretty set on defense, they could up grade the secondary, but that could be addressed in the second round, the dolphins main weakness is the offense, they still have culpepper, but there's still questions if he'll ever be the same again, drafting quinn here would give them their future at qb, he's also the most ready qb to come out and start right away just in case culpepper still sucks because he played in a pro type system

    Has prototypical size...Hard worker and a leader with elite intangibles...Smart and does not make many mistakes with the ball...Very strong and does not go down easily...Arm strength is excellent...Is mechanically and technically sound...A good athlete who can move in the pocket and scramble a bit...Has a lot of experience against top-notch competition...Knows how to read a defense and has been well schooled in a pro-style offense by a noted quarterback guru...Is very tough and durable and has never missed any action despite taking quite a beating at times during his career...A clutch player who has come through big in tough situations and plays his best when the game is on the line...Is accustomed to the spotlight.
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