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Thread: Is Charles Johnson worth top 15?

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    Is Charles Johnson worth top 15?

    The next prospect on our countdown of the top 32 players in this year's NFL Draft is Georgia defensive end Charles Johnson, a guy with great size and a nice first step. Although he is a little raw and isn't the most explosive pass rusher in the draft, he matches up very well versus both the run and the pass. At this point it appears Johnson could go anywhere from the middle of the first round to early in the second round. With his upside, however, I doubt he falls that far. He could go as early as No. 15 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Read more...
    Johnson is a big man with a ton of natural talent. He has an incredible burst off the edge of the line, and he displays excellent use of his hands and leverage much of the time. Even if he doesn't manage to take down a runner or quarterback, he'll push the pocket and disrupt the play. He also stands up well against the run, collapsing running lanes and forcing the runner to other defenders. Also, as big as he is already, his frame has the room to increase his weight possibly as high as 290 pounds without losing ability; a frightening thought given his already considerable power game.
    Johnson is as raw as could be, and could just as easily be a tremendous bust as he could tap his potential. Some will doubt his results from last season, saying it was a product of playing across from Quentin Moses, an incredible talent in his own right. He also has a tendency to wear down quicker than you'd like to see, but that's inexperience as much as anything, and it'll get better with time.
    A high-risk, high-reward prospect, Johnson will intrigue many teams, especially teams like Miami that run a hybrid defense. He's already a top prospect, and the better he does at the Combine, the higher he goes. Expect him to go in the upper half of the first round, with a good chance at cracking the top ten.
    I havn't really heard/seen much of this guy but what do you think? with the right coaching, i think this kid could have some good potential
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    NO! not at 15, not at all, he had a good year because Moses got eaten alive

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    Ah, good old CJ. The ORIGINAL CJ, not this Chad Johnson crap. Charles Johnson was one of my favorite Steelers of the 90s.
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