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Thread: Enough about Randle El already !

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
    Good point....thats why they should have some of us real fans in there to help commentate the game. We got plenty to talk about !
    This would be awesome! Or they could just let us do the talking behind the scenes and into their headsets!!! I'm sure we could give them some really good information

    I wasn't getting sick of hearing about the loss of Randel el also! He was a great returner and he started a lot of our gadget plays, but there are plenty of other Randel els out there! If we don't make it back to the Super Bowl he isn't going to be the reason why, that's for sure!

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    They also need to tell the same thing to John Steigerwald on KDKA who keeps saying night after night when he is on tv that Randle El is going to be soo hard to replace and that he is from another planet and ridiculous statements like that. He also that if you put Randle El back on the Steelers right now he would still be the 2nd best receiver on the team. Look the guy came up big in the playoffs and super bowl when we needed him, but to sit here and continually say he will not be replaced when you have a guy like Willie Reid who looks just as explosive as Randle El and doesnt run backwards constantly like El is just insane. Randle El is a good player but he will one of those many players who leave the Steelers and then fade into the abyss after a year or two. Steigerwald really needs to get off Randle El's nuts and just shut up. I get so sick of listening to him night after night kiss his ***.

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