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Thread: Ben should have gotten more time in the eagles game

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    IMO, it's hard to be worried about Ben taking a hit now because if the line can't hold back the D in preseason then who's to say they aren't going to stop a rush in the regular season! I could understand taking Ben out to avoid a hit, but the line should have stayed in and worked on protecting the QB better then they had been.

    Ben has looked good in preseason with all things considered, I would've liked to have seen one more series though.

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    The Oline does look bad right now. Maybe that weighed on Cowhers mind. Also he knows that Ben is fine, and that his biggest descisions are with the third QB, and all the d-backs.

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    I don't see us having a 3rd QB this year. The couple we have in camp just haven't looked good. I agree with you cleve. I bet BC pulled Ben because of the way the o-line was playing. Still, I would have liked to see him get one more series.

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