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Thread: Calvin Johnson Thoughts & predictions

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    Calvin Johnson Thoughts & predictions

    i just want to know what all of you think about this kid?

    in my honest opinion, forget all the hype, he is the best player in the NFL draft this year. hands down.

    he's a beast. size, speed, incredible athletic ability and great hands. he's an instant impact player. wherever he goes, IF someone can get him the ball he'll be a big difference maker.

    i'm a huge WVU fan but he scorched us when we played GT in this years bowl game. if they didn't have him we proabably would have beat them by 100.

    rookie of the year = CALVIN JOHNSON

    guaranteed flop of the year = TROY SMITH

    rose bowl champs. WVU

    world series Yankees always YANKEES!

    NBA Finals spurs or mavericks

    stanley cup.........PENS

    super bowl steelers/chargers v.s. saints (i believe the pats will finally have a down year) *fingers crossed* bungles record 6-10 with a loss to cleveland!

    nascar TONY STEWART

    i know it's early but.........**** it!

    write them all down they are golden! swami jr.
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