from 99 draft
Grading System
Zach Pillar | OG | Florida | SEC
Selected by Tennessee Titans in round 3, pick 20 (#81 overall)
Ht Wt 40 BP SS LS VJ BJ Grade
6'4" 331 5.19 40 - - - - 5.79
He is another former defensive lineman that has made the adjustment to OT. He is a pretty natural athlete and is probably a better pass blocker than run blocker at this stage. He has good feet and overall range and can slide and mirror at the point of attack. He does a good job of using his hands and getting separation with the defender and he would be classified as a finesse type player. He is not what you would call a mauler and brawler and can get into some trouble when he goes head to head against a real physical player. He needs to improve his overall strength and explosiveness and there are some minor questions about his durability, but he is a solid football player that should be a safe pick.
should we pick up this guy? may not matter, i think we did on a 1 year deal (bottom line-nfl network)

anyways we definitely need players who can pass block and wont get our qb killed (anyone remember tommy maddox lying lifeless on the field in nashville before he was hauled off in an ambulance?)

a move like this could pave the way for a potential trade of faneca if not a back up plan if he decides to bolt for greener pastures.

this could be a good thing. i got pretty sick of hearing lard asses who never even bother participating in conditioning drills telling willie parker he needs to learn to "wait for his blocks".

maybe it was these cows who needed to learn to get their fat asses up and out of their stance and make a block in a timely fashion.

of course, i dont really think this but there are 2 sides to every story. no one can deny that our line was built with jerome bettis and kordell stewart in mind. their skills are a far cry (and almost complete opposites) from ben and willie.