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I don't need Tomlin to tell me Joey Porter is replaceable. Hell all the LB's that have come and gone in the Bill Cowher era can tell me that. The 3-4 defense is designed to make the LB's stars (especially the OLB's). I still think the Steelers need to upgrade their OLB. There is no depth and Clark Haggans is ok but OLB in the 3-4 have to dominate. As for James Harrison who knows what he can do for a full season? I like Harrison but this will be his first season as a fulltime starter.

The Steelers need to draft some LB's thats for sure. If Tomlin/Colbert draft a former DE and turn them into an OLB (which the Steelers are famous for doing) they must hit a homerun. No Alonzo Jacksons.lol

For the first time in a LONG time Im actually a bit worried about our current group as it stands now. Hopefully after the draft and once training camp starts that will change but right now we're looking at 2 starters, one of whom hasn't been healthy all year since he started basically and the other is inconsistent at best.

If we ever needed a homerun hit in the draft it's this year at DE/LB. Really we need homeruns in every pick on Day 1 and as many possible on day 2 because at this point there's no telling who we may not be able to resign.