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Thread: Upshaw and World Anti Doping Agency exchanging words

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    Upshaw and World Anti Doping Agency exchanging words reports NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw informed The Charlotte Observer that he will not endorse suspensions for players named from the online pharmacy steroid case unless the players test positive for a banned substance. "We are not going to get into a witch hunt," Upshaw wrote in an e-mail to the newspaper. Upshaw was responding to World Anti-Doping Agency chairman Dick Pound's assertion that the league should "absolutely" discipline any players linked to the case if the evidence is reliable, regardless of test results. "We will not let WADA determine how we operate our program. We discipline only for a positive test. WADA can say whatever they like; the players in the NFL have both a union and a collective bargaining agreement," Upshaw wrote. Pound wrote "If he wanted his sport and the NFL to be drug-free, he would not say that. It's an either-or situation: Either he wants drug-free football or he does not." NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the newspaper that the NFL "will consider evidence outside of" test results for suspensions, but the league and NFLPA would have to agree to changes to the drug policy before the NFL could discipline players without positive test results or convictions or admission of guilt.

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    Sounds like Dick Pound needs to go Pound his own Dick!!

    Upshaw is 100% right that the NFL has its own Drug-Steroid Policy and doesn't need suggestions from some Pseudo-United Nations Anti-Doping Group.

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    For once I think I agree with what Upshaw is saying... if the NFL started a witch hunt it would almost put the league on the same pedestal has MLB

    Leave it be... if the league wanted to they could test more often which I do believe they are doing now!

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